Hydro Hygienic Bidet

Simply the cleanest you've ever felt.

About Us

Hydro Hygienic Bidet is an affordable and effective tool for personal hygiene. The adjustable water pressure and our patented Adjustable Water Jet insure maximum cleanliness for the entire family.

Easy to install

It can’t get any simpler. Hydro Hygienic’s patented design was developed to be installed by the user without the need for any tools.

Easy to maintain

Cleaning Hydro Hygienic Bidet is fast and easy and most important, it won’t interfere with the regular cleaning of the commode.

Built to Last

Consider these quality features:
Stain resistant thermo-plastic exterior
Stainless steel and brass valve, Solid no-cavity construction, 3-year limited warranty, Made in the USA


Adjustable water pressure

Easy to use

Easy to install

Easy to clean

Clean, adjustable water jet

No under seat holding plates

No tools installation

Simple, compact design

Frequently asked question

No. Our bidet uses pressure water from the main water line and not from the flush tank.

Absolutely not. Unlike other bulky and space taking gadgets, Hydro Hygienic Bidet is unobtrusive and blends in with your commode.

Toilet paper contains harsh chemicals such as perfumes and dyes, which can cause irritation. Plus, toilet paper isn't nearly as effective as pure water. Once you try Hydro Hygienic Bidet, you will notice the dramatic difference in cleanliness.

Not if it is a Hydro Hygienic Bidet. Our bidet is so easy to install that in most cases no tools are required. Please refer to our installation instructions to see for yourself the ease of installation.

No. With the original Hydro Hygienic Bidet there is no drilling or alteration to your existing plumbing. All you need is a flexible tube that connects your toilet tank to the wall or floor which most houses already have.

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